Is there a table of contents, like in every FAQ anywhere on the web?


What does iFAQ stand for?

inFrequently Asked Questions. It's capitalized strangely so I can seem all hip and modern. Is it working?

Is this iFAQ in any particular order?


What's the point of this website?

I'm not really sure. I just wanted to have one. Some of my friends have blog sites, and some just have regular personal sites. All I had was an old one that I haven't updated in over 2 years now.

I figure, it can be useful for some things. A place for me to say online whatever it is that I feel like saying. A place for me to keep pictures online for you to look at. A place to give some free linky love to the sites that I've been reading regularly for months or years consecutively, now. And I'm sure I'll come up with some other reasons eventually.

I would've made something like this long ago, except I think I needed the motivation of a cool domain name.

Why do you have a .info domain name? They're too new to be "real". In fact, I'll never accept them, because they mess with the purity that was a simple list of 7 TLDs, all 3 letters long.,, and were all taken. I wanted a nice, simple domain name that accurately described me, and was easy to remember. Somehow, I wasn't interested in looking into, although I bet that's taken anyway.

The .info tld seemed like a great way to get the domain I wanted. It's easy to remember. And I just like it. So I grabbed it on the second day of the open .info registrations.


So, wait, you said you had a web site before this?

Yep. Go check out If you want to. I'm not sure why you'd want to.

Why is the HTML on this page so basic and crappy?

The last time I took the time to learn HTML was about 3 or 4 years ago, when to almost every single internet user in the world, CSS was neither a web page style format nor a DVD encoding scheme. I really wanted a web site again, so I decided to put one up with what I already know, and then have this site and my knowledge of web design grow together.

And you get to watch evolution in action.


Fuji or Gala.

Orange Juice?

Yes, please. A lot. Tropicana Pure Premium, no pulp. Sometimes grapefruit juice, too.

Were you hungry when you wrote this iFAQ?

It seems that way, doesn't it?

Teal and navy? What's with the color scheme?

I've always liked it. I'm not quite sure why. But I'm planning to stick with it for the forseeable future.

By way of explanation, my dad is color blind. If you don't know any biology, then that makes me half color blind.

Who's your web host?

Russ. No professional, just a friend of mine. Thanks, dude. I owe you one.

Did anyone actually ask you any of these questions?

Nope. Not one.

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