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Hi. This is my site. I'm Josh Rosenberg, born about 21 years ago in Philadelphia, PA, where I have lived my entire life. I have two wonderful parents whom I love very much, and many wonderful friends and family members besides.

I have a widespread nickname, Desh. It was bestowed upon me by my very close friend Sam Malissa almost six years ago. It has grown to the point that about half of the people I know call me Desh more than Josh, so I chose to name my domain after it. Some other nicknames which I have been called in the past are Stumpy, Stumpinator, Deshcalator, Rosenfuck, JRos, Groncktapus, WW, Shed, Sweatpants Boy, and Donkey Schlong. No one is allowed to call me any of these nicknames, aside from the people who already do. I also occasionally use or have used the online handles Colbey, Moriarty, Magus, and Ortega, but these aren't really nicknames.

I hate wearing jeans. I usually wear sweatpants instead.

I am currently a Junior majoring in Math, and possibly minoring in Computer Science, at Penn. I transferred to Penn from Drexel, and before Drexel, I attended Akiba, Upper Merion Area High School, Akiba again, Germantown Friends School, and Har Zion elementary school.

For five wonderful summers, I attended the summer camp SIG. If I were to point to any one person, place, or thing, aside from people I am related to, as the most important thing in shaping who I am today, it might very well be SIG.

I'm Jewish. I'm one of the few college-aged people I know who not only subscribe to the same religion as their parents, but follow it even more closely. I most closely identify with the Conservative/Havurah movements, even though I really don't know all that much about them.

My favorite thing to do is to listen. I also humbly suggest that if other people tried it more, the world would be a much better place. The most important thing to me is my friends. When they need me, nothing comes before them.

Five of my main interests in life are computers, music (classic rock, classic-sounding rock, and They Might Be Giants, primarily), spectator sports (mainly football and baseball), theater, and Judaism. I have yet to meet anyone who shares my enthusiasm for all of these things, though some have come close on three or four.

My least favorite thing in the world, other than the actual serious issues out there, is bass. I hate bass, I hate subwoofers, I hate the fact that the people below me play music seemingly twenty four hours a day, which I can't hear, but I can certainly feel, and which I can not easily fall asleep to.

My future plans, in no particular chronological or seriousness order, are to get married, graduate college, become a Major League Baseball umpire (or as a fallback, an NFL official), work as a sound designer in a theater, work with computers for fun and profit, have 2.5 kids and send them to the same high school I went to, heal the world, make it a better place, and get this web page to a point where no part is under construction anymore. Oh, yeah, and a Fields Medal would be nice too.

When I ask "How are you?" I mean it.

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