I think this page is divided up just about as logically as possible. All these sites are good, but if you're looking for one random link, choose from whichever section interests you.

Does anyone actually read any of these links? Let me know...

Daily Loads

  1. Slashdot (News for nerds. Stuff that matters.)
  2. (Sports news)
  3. Tell Me About It (newspaper advice columnist a bit more charismatic than Ann Landers)
  4. Real Life Comics (Webcomic: Greg Dean's life)
  5. Bogworld (Webcomic: little green dinosaur)
  6. Crushing Krisis (Weblog)
  7. Wockerjabby (Weblog)
  8. GPF Comics (Webcomic: can't describe, just read it)
  9. Residence Life Comics (Webcomic: what dorm life is like for some)
  10. RPG World (Webcomic: inside a Squaresoft RPG)
  11. sooper friends dot org (e/n: to be updated again 12.5.01)
  12. Repulsed (e/n: some people I know)
  13. The Brunching Shuttlecocks (Humor, daily)



Should Read Once

When I'm Bored


Good Stuff, Bad Site

Don't mean to offend any webmasters here. This is just where I put sites that aren't intrinsically interesting, but support a cause, band, product, or service that I particularly like.

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