Here are some of the pictures I have. I'll go through all the ones I own, renaming and posting them, starting with the most recent, and working backwards. These are just the last 2 rolls I've taken, so far. Lots of pictures from the Philly Folk Fest 2001, and a Super Smash Brothers tournament I helped run a few months ago. I have bigger versions of a lot of these. If you're interested, e-mail me.

I also have pictures of The 2003 NHC Summer Institute, and unorganized pictures of The 2002 NHC Summer Institute, The 2002 SIG-Flock Reunion, The 2003 Havurah Teens Reunion, and The 2004 Young Havurah Reunion.

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festarielgrahamvalerie - A dim picture of Ariel, Graham, and Valerie looking very chill in the food tent.

festjohnhannah - John and Hannah working, each with hands and wristlets present and accounted for.

festashdanielruth - Ash, Daniel, and Ruth. 3 Akiba castoffs enjoying some joke that I apparently don't get.

festcoral - Coral! Just the cutest kid ever.

festmikeruth - Mike, Ruth, and a clout of smoke. What, am I the only one who sees it? Maybe it's just dust...

festband - I figured I should take a picture of the band too, not just all my friends I was sitting with. Wonder who they were...

festmichalerica - Jenny's body art, as modeled by Michal and Erica.

festjennysonja - Jenny and Sonja. The only good way to get a picture of Sonja is to catch her off guard...

festjennyruth - Jenny and Ruth paying very close attention to the music.

festtents - Our tent set up for Folk Fest 2001. We plan to claim at least twice as much land next year...

festjohnariel - John and Ariel, in their element. Two cooler guys you will not find at Fest.

festnoattention - A couple of Habo Hippy types paying very little attention to the music. But that's okay, Folk Fest is about the people!

sarahsonya - Sarah and Sonya looking positively Dracula-like. Or something.

lisadressed - Lisa all ready for a night on the town, her style.

matteajenny - Chilling at Ruth's house after a concert. Mattea and Jenny just relaxing on the couch.

ruthinhouse - Ruth, Sharona, and Debbie. You can't see Debbie, she's on the phone. But we promise, she's smiling.

ruthbanana - No one enjoys their food quite like Ruth does.

tourneybigsign - Anyone who didn't hear about our tournament before, they know now.

tourneyannounce - In case you didn't know which room the tournament was in by the huge sign.

tourneysetup - How we managed to squeeze 25 people into one room. Jo makes sure the tourney setup is working properly.

tourneywatch - When's the last time you had this many people watching you play video games? It's cool, I tell you.

tourneyjudahetc - Judah is f'n pumped to be here, man! YEAH!

tourneybigscreen1 - Who wouldn't want to kick some Sector Z ass on a screen like that?

tourneyearly - In the early rounds of the tourney, there were two matches going on at once. The spectators can't keep up!

tourneybracketologist - The tournament bracketologist studies his double-elim masterpiece.

tourneyjoek - Joe K and Jo K salute the camera.

tourneylaverpit - Playing Super Smash Bros is hard word, as Laver demonstrates here expertly.

tourneysmallscreen - For the next tournament, we are accepting donations of larger televisions...

tourneytable - The perfect furnature piece for the tournament, the one-of-a-kind Falcon table.

tourneyelidave - Eli and Dave looking their best for the Smash Bros tourney.

tourneybigscreen2 - Life-size Hyrule. Life-size Falcon. College rocks.

tourneysam - Master of Ceremonies and Final Smash Challenge, Sam.

tourneyfallen - The Bracket of the Fallen. There are no losers in glorious Smash Bros combat.

tourneywinners - The victors' bracket of the tournament, as it stood before the final match.

tourneyfinal - The moment of victory. Tanti pulls out an amazing upset victory at the last second. The crowd goes wild!

tourneybonus - Tanti, the champion of all contestants, takes on Sam in the Bonus round. But no one beats Sam.

brianlisamike - Brian, Lisa, and Mike chilling in Brian and Mike's room.

lizzywet - Lizzy is looking a little damp after her shower.

maurenesean - I can't tell if Maurene is happy or afraid of me...

philly1 - Picturesque view of a Philly sunset, taken from my dorm room.

philly2 - another picturesque view of a Philly sunset, taken from my dorm room.

tammyoutofit - I swear, Tammy was completely sober when this picture was taken.

roomiesandguests - Room 615 is so damn popular. It only got more crowded in the months after this picture...

lesstretch - Flexible Lesley. The picture really says it all.

jeffcomputer - Jeff is too preoccupied with whatever's on the screen to take the time to sit down. I love 'im.

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