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03/31/02 Hi.

It's a shame. Sometimes I'm just not in a writing mood, for a couple of days, or weeks. I still have as much (as little?) to say as ever, I just don't feel like putting it into a web page or diary or anything. Oh well, I guess these last two weeks of my life will be lost to history. Unless someone saves the e-mails I send them, or something.

So I just typed a nice, long entry to try to end that phase. But I can't post it yet. You'll get to hear about my night tonight in about a week. But for now, this'll have to do. Sorry.







I don't know. I feel like I only have anything good to write here when things are going badly in my life. They're not going badly. They're also barely going. To the point that I have to borrow some of Rabi's old stuff rather than writing my own entry. I'm on the home stretch of spring break, and I've basically done nothing the past week. Not much schoolwork, not much otherwork like cleaning, and I certainly haven't relaxed as efficiently as I would've liked. Oh well, so it goes. Next week, things should start to get more interesting. In the next 5 weeks I have so many things going on that I care about. In no particular order, baseball season starts, the play I'm working on goes up, my classes wind down and end for the year, spring starts (if it hasn't already), and I figure out what I'm doing this summer. Looks like more exciting times least, it can't really get any less so.

03/12/02 Ahh, spring break. Nothing like it. Time to catch up on all the stuff you wish you could do the rest of the time. And that's exactly how I'm spending my time. I've picked up a novel for the first time in a month and only the second time since last summer. I'm sleeping until I wake up, no alarms set, every day. I'm cleaning up around my dorm room. (Well, not yet, but that's the plan...) And, I've redesigned this site a bit. Put about 5 hours today into coding PHP and CSS, to make everything here look a bit nicer and be a lot easier for me to update. I think I've got all the bugs worked out, but if you notice anything not working, or have any other comments, kindly let me know. Thanks.

03/03/02 Last week before Spring Break. Midterms week. Might not update for awhile. Meanwhile, a couple of links from my links page to amuse you while I'm not around:

The $95,000 adventure.

She Hates My Futon.

Maybe I'll have something quick to say this week. Otherwise, see you next weekend.


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