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12/11/01 It is here. Utensilwear. (See the Polls section.)

12/10/01 Can someone help me? I've had the song Walking In Memphis stuck in my head for several days now. I suddenly felt compelled to download it at some point when I was working on my paper, and I probably listened to it every 45 minutes or so the entire night (morning?) that I was up working until 6:45. I don't even know where I've heard this song before! Was it in a recent movie or something? Has anyone else heard of this song?

In other, various happy news: It's Hanukkah! Happy Hanukkah! My only term paper is done, and my remaining finals don't seem too bad at all. I listened to Princes of the Universe today, really loud. I generally only do that after finishing my last class in a given term. You should try it, it really fits the mood. And finally, the results of the latest Away Message Poll will be online soon, probably tomorrow.

12/09/01, 5:04am: Desh Dot Info proudly supports Penguin Caffeinated Peppermints. Pick yourself up a tin before your next long paper, problem set, or study session!

12/07/01 It's crunch time. In the next 48 hours I have to write a 10 page paper that I'm not really clear on the guidelines of, and learn about 200 Greek vocab words for a final. Things will be so much easier once finals actually start...this is all for the last day of class.

One good thing about the paper is I got to watch Field of Dreams for the first time tonight, and call it research for schoolwork. Please, everyone, do yourself the favor of watching this movie. If you're not a baseball fan, I'm sure you'll like it anyway; and if you are a baseball fan and haven't yet seen it, I hope you're as embarassed about that fact as I was until today. When you do finally see it, don't be afraid to cry, even if you're a masculine guy in all-guy company. This is one of those permissible times.

Personal note to MSL, who doesn't read my page: Great site. But after 6 or more months of hype....geez. I at least want a grey scooter.

12/05/01 The best thing about being in college is learning to do the mundane things that you never used to have to do when you lived at home. For example, I just balanced my checkbook. I am now absolutely certain that I have -$47.25 in my account.

The worst thing about being in college is having negative money to your name.

Time to deposit my allowance check, and tell all my family members that for Hanukkah and my 21st birthday, if they're interested in knowing what presents I would like to get, I'm mainly in the market for some nice greenbacks.

12/04/01 Well, it's almost 12.5.01. Just about 12 hours, as I'm writing this. What does this mean? Well, I'm not really sure, but any avid readers of sooperfriends or MSL's site know that something big is happening tonight, after about 6 months of hype. I suggest you all go to those two sites at about 11:58pm EST tonight, and then hit refresh repeatedly. Until their servers crash, if necessary. Which they might, since I suppose there's no promise that they'll actually do this magical update at exactly midnight, so that could be a lot of refreshing.

IT on one day, and 12.5.01 just a few days later. Wow. For someone who loves hype so much, this is incredible. I hope I can handle it all.

And welcome home, Peter.

12/03/01 IT's here!

About a year ago, Dean Kamen, inventor of, among other things, the wheelchair that can't tip over, came up with an idea for a new invention, codenamed either IT or Ginger. He didn't reveal what the invention was, but through virtually no fault of his own, the hype was amazing. Famous people such as Jeff Bezos said it would revolutionize the concept of cities. A website focusing on IT-related speculation was designed. And now finally, the design has been revealed. And IT is...

Exactly what I expected IT to be. Except maybe 30mph slower, available later, and at least $1000 more expensive. But IT's still damn cool. IT's called Segway. If anyone wants to get me one for the upcoming holidays or my 21st birthday, I certainly wouldn't complain.

In other news, I finally have a schedule for this coming spring semester. It might not be finalized yet, but at least it's something. It's rather long and hectic, but I really can't complain too much when I get to take a class called "Science, Magic, and Religion".

12/01/01 Last night of the play tonight. Then we get to take apart this huge set that we spent a month trying to get right. Looks to be a long and somewhat depressing night. I hate the end of a play; I always want it to last so much longer...

Updated the links page, and am about to update the picture page. Ever wonder what it would be like to spend an entire day in Home Depot? Check out the new links...


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