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11/27/01 Come see Rumors! This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8:00pm at the Iron Gate Theater on 37th and Chestnut in Philly! Tickets are $5 at the door! e-mail me if you want more info.

Yeah, it's tech week, and that's about all that I can think about right now. I absolutely love working in the theater, and the people in this cast and crew are really fun. Y'know how there's always a story about almost every baseball player how they learned to swing a bat before they learned how to walk, or that their first word was "ballgame", or that their dad has been training them since they were 6 for the big leagues? And then there's always one player who wasn't quite like that? Yeah, well I can picture a television announcer at one of my plays 30 years from now: "And to think, future hall-of-fame sound designer Josh Rosenberg didn't even work on a play until he was 18 years old! Most of these guys were given a 16-channel mixer before they even got their first pacifier!"

I picture announcers in my life a lot. They're almost as fun as personal telepathic DJs. You should try it.

Oh, yeah, and Thanksgiving break was awesome. It's so nice to see someone you really missed, and to just be able to tell that they missed you exactly as much.

11/19/01: I'm not feeling stressed anymore. Or, to clarify, my stress isn't manifesting itself as a feeling anymore. Two weeks ago, when I had a lot to do, I simply made a list charting me from minute to minute of the next five days. It wasn't fun or relaxing, but I got it done. Now this week, I am physically somewhat tired. Mentally, I have the vague notion that I'm not enjoying the things I'm doing as much as I do when they don't take up so much time. And I also know that I'm not going to be able to do everything in the amount of time I have, unlike two weeks ago. So I am very stressed. But I'm not feeling stressed at all. In terms of my feelings, I'm really fine. Guess that makes me lucky.

Wow, my past 4, or more, updates have been about being too busy. That's not good. I'm getting boring, and there's more to me than that. I'll talk about something else next time. You'd prefer that, right? Hey, I don't even know who I'm talking to. Do me a favor, and if you read this, drop me an e-mail. Thanks.

11/18/01: I chose a good night's sleep over watching the Leonids. I don't like that school is doing this to me, sapping my enthusiasm for things like this that I used to love.

3 more days till vacation...then we go to the station...back to civilization...oh I think I want to go home.

11/16/01: In six days, I will be very thankful for, among other things, a wonderful and traditional home-cooked meal, and a four day weekend. Those are not the most important things that I'm thankful for, but they are certainly the first to come to mind.

One defining characteristic of me is that I rarely look back on things with any animosity. I just spent the evening at Drexel, first watching a play and then at a party. I hope I never said I hated that place. There are definitely wonderful people there, and many other good things besides. I don't wish I hadn't left, although that really wouldn't have been too terrible. I know I made the right decision in coming to Penn. But I definitely can't turn my back on Drexel; there's too much good about it. I really do miss it sometimes.

Oh, yeah, I updated the About page. Use the link over there on the left.

11/14/01: You know those people who always seem busy, to the point that you wonder if they sleep? They're always running around doing something, and if they can't make plans with you, you're never surprised, but never upset either, because you know that they probably have something much more important to do? And they never seem to get stressed at all? Well, it's kind of sexy, don't you think?

17 days left until the show I'm working on ends its run. In those 17 days minus Thanksgiving weekend, we have to finish building and painting the set, bring it to the theater and reassemble it there, have a couple of rehearsals, have 3 performances, get the set all out of the theater and back into pieces, and have a party to celebrate, which will probably be more sleeping than anything else. I love theater, I'm certain of that, but I always wind up questioning that around now. Theater people tend to be great people, though, and the ones in this show are no exception, so I have no doubt that it'll be a good time.

It is later in the week, and I am cheerier. More motivated to update this site, however, may have to wait another 18 days.

Love you all.

11/12/01: By popular demand, The Shower Poll is online. Check it out in the Polls section.

In other news, it's Monday. That about sums it up. I'll be more cheery later in the week, I promise.

11/11/01: Happy Veterans Day. The most important holiday in our country that nobody seems to care about.

Pittsburgh was awesome. There is honestly no experience quite like running around through classroom buildings for five hours, playing Capture The Flag. With Stuff. The most tense part of my weekend was when I was kneeling silently on the ground right behind a corner, no more than 3 feet from our flag, with a red piece of felt tied around my arm, holding a grey wand of foam with brown tape on it. As the people on the other team came by, arms linked, jumping up and down and singing Yankee Doodle, I whapped the first person on the shin with the wand and shouted "dispel!" Their team panicked and tried to scatter, but the rest of our defenders captured most of them, as I ran off to recharge my wand.

Fun stuff, if you're into that sort of thing.

Oh, yeah, one other thing: If I have a dream (and remember it, that doesn't happen so often) involving someone I know, I like to tell them the next day. Not tell them what the dream is about, just tell them that they were in it. Let their imagination run wild.

11/07/01: Well, Billy Joel was pretty amazing. It wasn't really a concert, more of a question-and-answer thing with a bunch of music thrown in. Think VH1 Storytellers. And in fact, this will be on TV. Watch A&E this Sunday. 9:00, I believe. I hope they show Lullaby and Piano Man, if nothing else...But let me tell you, this man is damn funny.

This will probably be my last post until some time this weekend. I'm going on a road trip to Pittsburgh Friday-Saturday. Partly to visit friends, but mainly to play Capture the Flag with Stuff. If I can get to a computer while I'm there, I will update the "Where am I?" link above, which will hopefully be especially useful to those of you who live in Pittsburgh and want to get in touch with me. [11/10/01: deleted link because it was pointless.]

Have a good weekend, all.

11/06/01: Anthrax scare in my building.

Billy Joel concert later today. I plan to be in line several hours before the show actually starts. This is a upenn-only event, and tickets have been particularly hard to come by, leading to lots of ugly scalping and such. (I was nice enough to have a couple of friends who took pity on me and gave me a ticket, and I am deeply in their debt.) People were getting upset at the student events committee for poor planning, until they redeemed themselves last night.

Everyone who signed up for the original ticket lottery was sent an e-mail with 10 Billy Joel trivia questions, each with an answer designed to lead people scavenger-hunt-style to a location on campus, where a single pair of tickets would be waiting. The e-mail was sent out at 9:52pm. My roommate went out first, and we coordinated via phone for awhile, and I sent him to a couple locations. (He missed one pair by about 45 seconds.) After a bit, I went outside. It was truly amazing to see a bunch of people who don't normally get too much exercise running wildly around campus for a fleeting chance to get tickets. They were all gone in about 10 minutes. I think this whole thing can double as some sort of experiment on human nature...

11/05/01: I think there was just an anthrax scare in my building. More later.

"So please be tolerant of those who describe a sporting moment as their best ever. We do not lack imagination, nor have we had sad and barren lives; it is just that real life is paler, duller and contains less potential for unexpected delirium." --Hornby

11/04/01: Wow, this was a good weekend. I actually got some homework done, so I'll be able to test that theory that doing stuff on the weekends makes the next week less stressful. Great TMBG concert, and a pleasant surprise with 2001's one-hit wonder Afroman opening. The Eagles won. The Yankees lost. Curt Schilling won the World Series ring and MVP award that he's deserved for so long, and did his best to win here eight years ago. And, for an anticlimax of an ending, I updated the links page.

To anyone who ever asked me why I like sports so much, here is a good answer, finally. The sheer joy that I feel when something good happens to a team or player I follow is close to unequaled in the lives of non-fans. For most anyone else, they'd need a life cycle kind of thing to happen. To not only feel the immense rush of happiness of your team winning, but to know that millions of people feel the same way you do at the same time, is an experience well worth the hours I've put into sports in my life. I firmly believe that when I look back from my deathbed, one of the happiest moments of my life that doesn't involve my wife or kids will be the first time I saw the Phillies win the World Series. (Because the Phillies have to win the world series in the next 100 years, right?)

11/02/01: Hi. Thanks for coming. This is my new web site. Nothing too fascinating, but it serves its purpose. To your left, you'll see the various things which live here, though some haven't moved in quite yet. Right here, this is my place to say what's on my mind every so often. And all around, it's a chance for me to practice web design, and generally have a productive sort of hobby. Again, thanks for coming, and please, comments are welcome.

Oh, yeah...TMBG concert tonight!!! Woohoo!!!

11/01/01: This site has now reached the point that it meets even my minimal standards for public consumption. Thank you, the 5 or so of you that already knew about it and gave me constructive criticism. The rest of the online world will be joining you tomorrow, or something.

10/31/01: Every day on Locust Walk, the center of campus, there are several groups of people advertising various organizations and productions. I usually don't pay too much attention, because if it's something I'd be interested in, I probably already know about it. Plus, every group without fail is aggressively handing out quarter-sheet flyers, and I hate to contribute to the waste that produces. So I usually just act preoccupied somehow and walk on by.

Yesterday I was walking through the gauntlet and holding a newspaper. I was halfway through an interesting article. I looked up to judge who I was going to be harassed by, but almost everyone was busy harassing someone else. I made eye contact with someone holding a stack of flyers about 30 feet away from me. I quickly looked back down at my newspaper, partly to finish the article, and partly to send the signal that I wasn't interested in whatever she was about to offer. As I walked by, she said, "Come to our..." I interrupted, "No, thanks."

We both immediately started laughing. Our eye contact before had rendered that later exchange useless, and we both knew it, but we went through the motions anyway.

Maybe you had to be there.

I don't think I'm going to talk about site updates for awhile. Just assume that I'm updating nearly every page on the site every day until I start talking specifics again.

10/30/01: I'm turning into a morning person again. I think my roommates think there's something wrong with me. Every night at around 11:30, they pause Soul Calibur to stare at me, mouth agape, as I say goodnight. And every morning at around 10:45, they glare at me as I cheerfully wish them good morning, as I've been up for well over three hours by then. I don't know how long this will last, but it's certainly odd while it's here. I'm getting more work done this way, though.

Site updates: Just did some playing around with CSS. It's cool stuff, I like it a lot. When this site actually has things like navigation links, they'll be in a CSS-positioned box, not in an invisible table. Just so you know. Also added a bunch of links, but there's a ways to go there.
3 days until my sixth They Might Be Giants concert!

10/29/01: An actual web page. It's about damn time. Sadly, I haven't had a chance to make the index page pretty yet. So I think I'll put the links to everything else here for now: The iFAQ; the links page, or the beginnings thereof; and the thanks page. Much more to come. Pictures. Writings. Many more links. An actual page design, at least for the index page. And the infamous shower poll. Stay tuned...


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